Winter Equestrian Festival – Wellington, FL

Today I took my daughter to the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington. Lexxi has been riding for years, and while she doesn’t get to ride or compete as much as she would like, she does love going to watch the competitions. The weather was absolutely perfect…beautiful South Florida weather that we so love…just warm enough, blue skies, and lots of sun (& sunscreen!). Now, I have to admit that equestrian photography isn’t exactly my area of expertise. But we both brought our cameras and really enjoyed capturing some great shots. We actually saw Beezie Madden, an Olympic winner, competing! She was fabulous! Being busy shooting helped keep us from thinking about feeling too hot or thirsty…all in all, it was a great afternoon. If you want to learn a little bit more about the schedule of events, check out this link: Winter Equestrian Festival. Here are a few shots from our lovely afternoon. Hope you enjoy them!

Yeah…a little lens envy here. Not the ideal lens for shooting weddings, but awesome for equestrian riding. At least it’s a Nikon!

Next is a series of photos from the beginning of the jump to the end…pretty cool to see exactly how high these horses & riders are jumping!

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  • René

    WOW! Stephanie these are amazing. You see…..aren’t horses way more fun than brides??? LOL
    Listen…I think you should sell that photo of the boots. That’s a great pic for printing. I know of tons of equestrian types that would buy it!

  • Laura Strickland

    Super cool ladies!!! I really enjoyed that!!!

  • Galia

    Amazing pictures! It shows that you love what you do!! Wishing you the best of luck, Steph.

  • Steph, I’m so glad you had the chance to enjoy your Sunday with your beautiful daughter. The pictures are stunning. Love the lense envy one and the one of the rider’s boots.

  • Beautiful Steph. I used to show horses, these are fantastic photos.

  • Steph,
    Great job on an out-of-the-box assignment. Love the colors and the action…I’m a little envious of your ‘Winter Weather’.

  • Chad Godwin

    Great work as always

  • Great job Steph and Lexxi! These turned out beautifully!!!

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