My Photo Session | Halo 3 Master Chief Awesomeness

Okay, I’ll admit…I’m a nerd….always have been. lol And the other thing you should know about me is that I’m a gamer. Yep…I’ve loved video games ever since I was a kid…you know, back in the stone ages when we thought Pong and Pac-Man were the bomb! Then came along Xbox and the first Halo. My brother got me hooked…and I’ve been an avid Halo fan ever since. You could say that Halo 2 and Halo 3 had a lot to do with getting to know my husband. Oh, did I mention that we had the Master Chief on our wedding cake? So…my most awesome husband gave me something that I’ve been wanting for quite a long time…my very own Halo 3 Master Chief costume!! (I told you I was a nerd!) He even took out the original visor and put in a better one for me. Now THAT, ladies, is LOVE!! 🙂 I am so very lucky to have such a wonderfully talented family. My hubby, daughter, and step-daughter (Dave, Alexis, and Devin) were awesome enough to shoot my very own photo session! This was a truly different and fun experience for me since I’m always the one shooting!! I was clearly very excited to have my very own session…and with my awesome costume, no less!!! The weather cooperated (thankfully that 30% chance of rain passed us by) and we had the sunset I was hoping for! The images on the blog are the combined efforts of my family….thank you sooo much guys…you did an amazing job!!!! Alexis assisted with the editing. I must give her credit in entirety for her awesome manipulation (she’s super talented with photo manipulations!)…you’ll know the image. My edit of the same photo will be first…and then her creation is below it…you can’t miss it. Hope you like our Halo 3 session!Halo3_MasterChief_HaloImages_MasterchiefCostumeImages_PalmBeachWeddingPhotographer_WestPalmBeach_Florida_001Halo3_MasterChief_HaloImages_MasterchiefCostumeImages_PalmBeachWeddingPhotographer_WestPalmBeach_Florida_002Halo3_MasterChief_HaloImages_MasterchiefCostumeImages_PalmBeachWeddingPhotographer_WestPalmBeach_Florida_003Halo3_MasterChief_HaloImages_MasterchiefCostumeImages_PalmBeachWeddingPhotographer_WestPalmBeach_Florida_004Halo3_MasterChief_HaloImages_MasterchiefCostumeImages_PalmBeachWeddingPhotographer_WestPalmBeach_Florida_005Halo3_MasterChief_HaloImages_MasterchiefCostumeImages_PalmBeachWeddingPhotographer_WestPalmBeach_Florida_006Halo3_MasterChief_HaloImages_MasterchiefCostumeImages_PalmBeachWeddingPhotographer_WestPalmBeach_Florida_007Halo3_MasterChief_HaloImages_MasterchiefCostumeImages_PalmBeachWeddingPhotographer_WestPalmBeach_Florida_008Halo3_MasterChief_HaloImages_MasterchiefCostumeImages_PalmBeachWeddingPhotographer_WestPalmBeach_Florida_009Halo3_MasterChief_HaloImages_MasterchiefCostumeImages_PalmBeachWeddingPhotographer_WestPalmBeach_Florida_010Halo3_MasterChief_HaloImages_MasterchiefCostumeImages_PalmBeachWeddingPhotographer_WestPalmBeach_Florida_011Halo3_MasterChief_HaloImages_MasterchiefCostumeImages_PalmBeachWeddingPhotographer_WestPalmBeach_Florida_012Halo3_MasterChief_HaloImages_MasterchiefCostumeImages_PalmBeachWeddingPhotographer_WestPalmBeach_Florida_013Halo3_MasterChief_HaloImages_MasterchiefCostumeImages_PalmBeachWeddingPhotographer_WestPalmBeach_Florida_014Halo3_MasterChief_HaloImages_MasterchiefCostumeImages_PalmBeachWeddingPhotographer_WestPalmBeach_Florida_015Halo3_MasterChief_HaloImages_MasterchiefCostumeImages_PalmBeachWeddingPhotographer_WestPalmBeach_Florida_016Halo3_MasterChief_HaloImages_MasterchiefCostumeImages_PalmBeachWeddingPhotographer_WestPalmBeach_Florida_017Halo3_MasterChief_HaloImages_MasterchiefCostumeImages_PalmBeachWeddingPhotographer_WestPalmBeach_Florida_018Halo3_MasterChief_HaloImages_MasterchiefCostumeImages_PalmBeachWeddingPhotographer_WestPalmBeach_Florida_019Halo3_MasterChief_HaloImages_MasterchiefCostumeImages_PalmBeachWeddingPhotographer_WestPalmBeach_Florida_020Halo3_MasterChief_HaloImages_MasterchiefCostumeImages_PalmBeachWeddingPhotographer_WestPalmBeach_Florida_021Halo3_MasterChief_HaloImages_MasterchiefCostumeImages_PalmBeachWeddingPhotographer_WestPalmBeach_Florida_022Halo3_MasterChief_HaloImages_MasterchiefCostumeImages_PalmBeachWeddingPhotographer_WestPalmBeach_Florida_023

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  • Roger rosas

    I read the halo bulletin and makes me run a tear cos i lived on a small town in Mexico where people are unaware of how much the world has change, the rich and mature the story behind a game is, the art and music etc, here is like “grow up”,”it’s not for girls”. I’m 32 but still waiting for my cortana to complete me. Saludos.

  • christina

    you look amazing what a talented family!!!

  • My favorite is the one second to last. I am a huge fan of Halo too. I would love to have a high res copy for my desktop wallpaper!!! Yes???

  • Angela

    Awesome! So cool! I love the excitement captured on your face!!

  • that is Amazeballs! I keep staring and trying to figure out how it was pieced together. lol Alexis did a great job with that last image too- very cool!!

  • Dara

    Awesome!!! We all thought your costume was going to be a certain Star Wars character. Good job, Dave! Nice pics!!!

  • WOW Stephanie!!! This is an awesome costume! Talk about go big or go home! You look great and ready to kick butt!

  • Kristi

    Wow! Amazing photos Steph! Great job Dave, Lexxi, and Devin!!

  • Alexis

    You make such a great Master Chief! This was loads of fun. Definitely the best Halloween costume by far.

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