I’ve always been a photography nut…you know, in the good ole’ days, when cameras actually used film.  When cameras started going digital, I really got excited and went photography crazy.  After being asked by friends to shoot their kids and families, I made the decision to actually study photography, work with a mentor, and specialize.  Showing that same passion for photography at an early age, I decided to put a camera in my daughter’s hands to see what she could do.  Alexis broke her first camera…not from dropping it but actually from taking so many photos…she killed it from overuse!  Her second camera was a professional level camera, and she’s been working with me ever since.

Alexis and I love working together.  We enjoy interacting with our clients, putting them at ease, and creating the story of our time with them through our photos.  We’ve covered weddings in South Florida…the Keys, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach, and also weddings as far away as Tallahassee, Georgia, and even Seattle.   We believe your experience with us is just as important as the images you receive.

If we sound like we’re the perfect team for you, email us at:  stephanie@emindeeimages.com   or  just give us a call…we love chatting with new clients! 561-308-7984

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